1. Stop Creating Separation From Your Goals

“Your observation of the conditions that exist NOW is the reason that you keep repeating a pattern that holds away the things you want. It really is that simple.” — Abraham Hicks

We all have desires, and we have no problem expressing what they are.

Where most people get stuck is they don’t feel worthy or start analyzing how they need to get to their goals, rather than why they want those goals.

Analysing how leads to anxiety about the future. However, when you feel the reasons why you want what you want, you start feeling real emotional juice. Try it right now:

Step 1: Determine what you want.
Step 2: Ask yourself - why do you want those things?
Step 3: Pay attention to the feelings.

What do you feel? If they feel good, then you are on the right track. This is the basis of all forms of visualization. Athletes and entrepreneurs of the highest caliber understand this practice deeply. They’re masters of feeling the moment.

2. Feel The Moment, Believe In It

“I have visualized my imagination so clearly and so consistently that it has manifested itself into my reality.”
— Conor McGregor

To live your dreams doesn’t mean there’s a destination to get to. Living your dreams means you can tap into that state. Here, now.

Your belief in what’s possible increases when you experience it. When you experience it, you are truly living it.

You may want a vacation home, and with that might come a garden. To imagine that might mean you have to go deeper. Can you feel yourself walking in that home? Can you taste the apple or whatever fruits you’re growing in your garden?

When it comes to money, we get so zapped by the identity we carry about what we make for a living — being constantly reminded about it. It’s no wonder most people stay where they are, and grow income slowly.

It’s all programming and beliefs.

You can break these programs very easily. It’s just a matter of getting comfortable with higher levels of income.

Write down in your journal the answer to:
How much do you want to make in a year?

Take that number and divide it by 12 to get your monthly income.

Initially, that might throw you off. Those are your hesitations.

Don’t worry about what’s holding you back. The limitations you’ve set in your mind hold you back from possibilities.

Now let’s come back to that number, and ask another question.

What are 3–5 MAJOR things that would help you get to that level of income.

Write them down.

Now imagine yourself actually doing those things. Your life will look different here. You might imagine lots of people working with you, and having daily interactions with them.

You might see yourself free from current burdens, and may even have more peace of mind.

The next step is simple. Write out the answer to this:
In every detail, what would life look like as you’re making this income?

Write every single detail you can. How would your day look like? What would your interactions be like with friends and family? How would you go about your work? How do you overall feel in those moments? Are you proud? Excited?

Write it all out as if you are living it right now. That way, you don’t feel any sense of separation from your goals. You are actually living them.

Carry this feeling with you as much as you can. Even if it means acting like you’re already there. Do it.

I once had the chance to hang out with an amazing man named Bob Proctor. I wanted him to sign my copy of You Were Born Rich. He signed it with the words “Be it.”.

I never really understood what he meant until years later. That statement changed my life. If you want anything in life, you have to be the person you want to become.

Most of us have it the other way around.

If you feel the person you want to become, you’ll begin to do the things that person would do. You’ll even start making the same decisions.

3. Experience Luxury Whenever You Can

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.”
— Napoleon Hill

Experiencing luxury is a fantastic way to feel what you want and getting comfortable with it. My wife Ramsha and I book random weekends and even week-long vacations at some of the finest and most luxurious places you can go to.


Rent your desires. Staying in fancy villas and five-star hotels will make you comfortable being surrounded by luxury. If you want to buy a specific car, then rent it.

It’ll be much easier to dream about the things you desire when you are able to experience them more regularly.

You might start to think, well, that’s expensive. But think about your self-worth. Do you feel worthy?

If you invest $2000 on a weekend at one of the best hotels near you, you also experience the best level of service that comes with it. You feel deserving of it.

Now you have inspiration. Now you know what it feels like to experience it and go through the process of swiping your credit card for it.

As I’m writing this right now, I’m thinking of actually going through the process of taking my family and nannies to Costa Rica for a month.

Sure, it’ll cost over $20k to do that. But that’s fun, and I’ll be able to enjoy one of my favourite places in the world. I‘ll even feel like spending a chunk of the year. Soon enough, bigger chunks of the year won’t feel like a big deal.

I’m not saying you need to wipe yourself out financially. Financial sense is always necessary, and you can start small. But when was the last time you’ve done something spontaneous? Something that made you feel good?

Even when you make millions of dollars, it still can feel uncomfortable to spend money. Whether you’re starting out small, or can go bigger. Buying into luxury is a habit that should be cultivated regularly.

As you continue to do this, you’ll make more room for the unknown.

4. Develop The Habit of Clearing Your Thoughts

“If you can’t control your mind, everything and everyone else will.”
— Dr. Joe Dispenza

How you manage your thoughts determines everything.

Thoughts become your reality. So having an ability to silence your mind can be one of those practical skills you can ever develop.

Your mind is powerful. It develops new programs every day based on your conditioning and life experiences.

When you break that conditioning, you free up more space for new possibilities.

New realities and possibilities step into your world when you make more room for the unknown.

As you break free from racing or negative thoughts, you’re literally rewiring your brain. You open yourself up for new possibilities.

Imagine if your thoughts aren’t getting in the way. Wouldn’t it be easier to dream about the things you want?

Rather than conspiring against those things.

There’s a very simple solution to clearing your thoughts.


When you take time out of your day to quiet your mind, magical things happen.

You’re training your brain not to think. The first time I meditated, I started by counting how long I could go without thinking any thoughts. I eventually got to 10 minutes, then 30, and so on.

I felt my mind at ease, and I felt better than ever. Knowing that I have that in my back pocket gave me the confidence to free myself.

When you are internally free, you feel free to dream.

Dream big. There are no limitations.

5. Create a Vision Board Every Year

“The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.”
— Louise Hay

Your goals and dreams are meant to be playful. It’s not a dream if it’s not fun.

Getting into the habit of having a vision board can be a fun and playful exercise. You can also do it with your spouse or significant other.

It’s a great way to throw on some music, and create a collage of your dreams with you in them.

It might feel weird at first, but you’ll eventually realize how needed it is to connect to the feelings linked to your dreams.

Seeing a cutout with you and your dream home, or even a boat, will shape your brain for new desires.

Ramsha and I have been doing this for years, and we can’t believe how much it works. From the lifestyle we have right down to the places we’ve been to.

If you want to get even more creative, turn your vision board into a movie. If you’ve got a MacBook or any laptop, it’s easy to throw your pictures into a slideshow. Add some of your favourite music, and play it regularly.

I met Nathalie Ledwell at Indian Wells in California. She built a multi-million dollar business called MindMovie, a company that helps anyone create their digital vision board.

She shared her story about how her success came to fruition. She was close to going broke before the launch of the company. She used the same practices that she developed for others, to find her own success.

Having a vision helps you see better. And feel more clear about it.

There is no voodoo magic here. We’re scientifically wired to do this. It’s just that our surroundings have kept our minds caged.

You must break free.

Your breakthrough comes from making the decision to change. That decision is an intention to live a better life.

The universe hears you loud and clear. You just have to make sure what you’re asking for is backed with the right intention.

The cobwebs in your mind make it difficult for you to express your desires, which is why when you clear them, big things happen.