About Gianni North

Gianni North

Name: Clifford (Gianni North) Smith

Born: August 28 in New York



Partners with:┬á´╗┐Capital Scope LLC & InstaBad LLC┬á

Editor In Chief: InstaBad Magazine

Investor: Gvincci Vincci Svge Clothing

Author of: Sex Is Better Than Love, Women Decoded, Black Cocaina, The Drawings Of Gianni North, Ai Decoded

Associations: Novels by Bilal S.:St. Louis Drama  vol.1 and 2, Sweetcakes, A short film by Elle M.: Claimed.

Passions: Business, Music, Film, Writing, Philanthropy

"Yea, I'm definitely someone to watch!"


"Keeping my circle nice and small helps me remain grounded. My determination fuels me. I'm definitely riding the lion's back and I can't get off from fear of getting eaten, so I'll continue the ride until his roaring goes silent."  - Gianni North -